Hidden Heart  LbNA # 23558 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerNC Homeschool Mom    
Placed DateJul 9 2006
LocationWendell Park, Wendell, NC
Found By Ladymouse
Last Found Sep 22 2007
Hike Distance?

As of 8/7/12 changes need to be made to these directions. Please check back.

Wendell Park
Hugh T. Moody Nature Trail
W 3rd Street, Wendell
Hidden Heart Letterbox

Take your own ink pad. Mosquito repellant may be needed.
No Strollers.

Park at the end of the playground and look for a sign that reads ‘Hugh T. Moody Nature Trail’ and enter to begin.
Continue down the trail until you get to a Y and take a left.
You will begin to see a lot of fallen “soldiers”.
Continue to a place of rest.
Turn right to “bridge” your heart and keep going until it splits again.
Turn left.
To mend your heart take a left to “bridge” it back.
Watch out! Some thorny briars may try to put a blemish to your heart.
Decisions, decisions. Which way to go? Do I follow my heart to the left or right? Remember, the “cool” kids do not always make the “right” choices. It is sometimes more difficult to stand up for what you believe and take the road or path less traveled.
If you end up “playing around” you may not have made the right decision. Turn around and take the path less traveled.
Oh! See the 2nd big tree stump on your right? That’s right, follow it around to the right.
See the “X” made by trees? Go under the X and then over a big log on your right. Stop once your feet hit the ground.
Walk 13 paces and then look to your left.
You will find your hidden heart about 3 paces.

BTW: You may need bug spray and watch for briars!
Please reseal tightly and now you can go play!!