A Stroll Through The Grove  LbNA # 23570 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2006
LocationUnion Grove, NC
Planted Bykatwrangler    
Found By 4 Auburn Fans
Last Found Mar 20 2008
Hike Distance?

Welcome! This walk is open to everyone to enjoy. Please be respectful if there are church activities going on and please be descrete if there are others on the trail or in the area. If you are lucky enough, on the hour you will hear the church bells ring.

You can park anywhere you choose. Your clues begin where two oaks guard two doors. Heading west bear left.

Continue on the path and soon you will see three tall symbols of valor. Take the time to remember those honored here.
Facing west, you will see the goal of many youth, turn left(south). Continue traveling south.

In the big curve, step right into the garden of prayer (placed here by Girl Scouts). Have a seat and notice the shape of the garden. As you look across the cemetry, reflect on the memories and stories of all those who lie here. Take the time to listen to the birds.

Facing North/East, notice where old meets new. After a time of reflection, continue on, bearing right, traveling east, you will pass several silent members of our community.

As you turn left at the end of the straight-away, remember to walk softly.
Pass the little angel of prayer, and remember Renzie and Mima. Once you pass a familiar place, continue north.

Turn west down the winding path. Have a seat on the bench if you choose and listen to the birds and look for squirrels. Notice again where old meets new.

As you leave the bench, turn right and proceed 37 paces.

Turn east before you cross the troll's roof. Go 42 paces. Is that a rabbit in that brown box??!!! See where old meets new.

Look under second boxwood(bush) beside the church. Under a rock your treasure awaits.

Please remember to place everything back under the rock.
Please contact us if the LB is missing or is in need of maintance.
This is the first in a series-we hope you find and enjoy each one!