Bunny Box  LbNA # 23574 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 13 2006
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bytouchtrek    
Found By The Bee Keepers
Last Found Aug 30 2009
Hike Distance?

From East LLoyd Expressway, take Boeke Rd north (near Roberts Stadium). Wesselman Park is on the east side of the road. Turn right into park, Good Samaritan Home is on left, golf course is on the right. The road will enter into the park and turn left. Continue to nature center parking (near recycling center) on right. The park is open Tues- Sun 8a to 4p.

Wesselman Woods is a rare wonder of 190 acres of virgin hardwood forest with 50 acres of younger forest. There is an informative nature center, and beautiful trails to walk. The trail system is well maintained and wide. The nature preserve does not allow off trail exploration in order to maintain this pristine woodland. Please be respectful of this. This box is very child friendly and there is (obviously) no bushwacking involved. At the time I placed the box, there were no other boxes in this part of Indiana listed on the website. It will be interesting to see if this Bunny Box "breeds" others :). This urban park has 6 miles of trails, and is the only park of its kind in a town the size of Evansville. Virgin forest is scarce, and it is an amazing experience to step into an area where trees soar 100 feet into the air, and the canopy is so expansive. Information about the nature preserve, the nature society, and their other properties is available at : www.wesselmannaturesociety.org.
On to the clues!

Frost said the woods were dark and deep. He was right, now let us seek.
Enter the center where young and old learn the secrets these trees do hold.
Grab a guide then exit right (learn about wing span of birds in flight).
Open the door and take a short walk, to your left will be a
red tailed hawk.
To your right you'll spy a sugar shack (think sweet gooey goodness on a flap jack)
Walk on the trail and feel the awe, as the woods loom large and you become small.
The creases of every day life on your brow, and the burdens and cares that encumber you now...
will lift as by wing, and leave in their place, an expression of wonder at this unusual space.
Your eyes become like those of a child as you exit the
urban and enter the wild.
Take any trail that you choose, for on this quest you have nothing to lose.
The branches spread wide and take you in, the trail twists and then turns again.
Wander and wonder what witness trees bear, to love that joins and grief that tears.
Did the leaves serve to shield those running from slavery? Did their strength inspire young soldiers bravery?
Over the years they have dodged the axe, and have hence acquired a story rich past.
They seem proud to provide a shady respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Not far away is the pond Odonata, which holds a surprise more than water!
Start at the dock and then head around west. At the end of the walk is that which you quest.
When you step off the edge, look left and look right, be sure not a curious soul is in sight.
Stoop to the ground and peer into the dark, you should find your prize hidden under some bark.
Take it a short ways to a bench on the pond, and enjoy the
Bunny Box you have found.

Please be discrete and rehide well. Contact me and let me know how my box is doing.