Hollow Park Series  LbNA # 23575 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFascinated Finders    
Placed DateJul 10 2006
LocationPiqua, OH
Found By hikerjamz
Last Found Jun 9 2012
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Contact the placers: fasfindr@erinet.com

Difficulty: Clues are easy and straightforward but location is uphill --- 36 steps to climb then trail levels off a little. (See PS below for alternative) This whole series should take about 30 minutes at most. The boxes are pretty close together. Our first attempt at hiding boxes! Hope you have fun finding them.

From I 75 take exit # 82 (state Route 36) and head west. On the west side of the interstate you will immediately see a Speedway station and a Cracker Barrel restaurant. BETWEEN these two, there is an entrance to Hollow Park. At the bottom of the driveway, turn left and go to the second (smaller) parking lot. Watch for the concrete stairs on your right. This is where you begin. (there are faded painted letters at the bottom of the stairs that say “START”.)

Box # 1 Squirrel’s nest: At the top of the stairs follow path to the right (still uphill) until you come to a park bench. Sit down and rest. You probably need it after that long climb. Look directly to your left. You will see the wide trunk of two trees ---twin oaks--- that have grown together. In the “Y” of the trunks is a leafy place where a squirrel has built a nest. The “squirrel” you seek is nesting there. Rehide carefully.

Box # 2 Chipmunk rock: From the park bench continue along the trail. It will go right and then make a “U” turn. Don’t go all the way around the “U”. (yet) Before the top or center of the U turn you will see a rock off the path on your right. The chipmunk hides behind this rock.

Box # 3 Rock ‘n Raccoon: This box has been reported missing 11/06. We hope to replace it this summer. Clues will then change slightly. It will be repalced soon at a nearby but slightly different location. Meanwhile disregard the following clues for this box. BUT use them to continue to box 4.

..from the Chipmunk rock go about 75 steps further along the path. You should be near a tree on your left with several holes in it. We actually saw a raccoon family in this “high rise apartment” May 19th (06.) By the time we hid our box the family had gone but there is still one “raccoon” in residence there, in the “basement”. At the base of the tree you will find yet another hole. Hopefully “Ms. Raccoon” is still in residence there. This one was tricky to disguise and in the fall could be very noticeable to passers by. Please use your best hiding techniques.

Box # 4 Peek-a-Boo Bunny (Last one) From the raccoon tree continue following the path. It is winding but pretty flat by now. You should pass another park bench in case you need to rest. Stay on this path for several bends until you come to a “T” intersection. (Maybe a 2 minute walk) Straight ahead of you at the "T" there is a large clump of trees with one leaning way to the right. At the base (left side) of the bigger tree is a large rock. Bunny is hiding behind this rock.

From this intersection you can:
• go to the left which will loop you around back to this same spot where you are now standing.
• Go to the right which will bring you to two paths that will bring you out at the east end of the park ( behind the shelter house that was on your right when you drove in)
• Go back the way you came
PS...for those who cannot manage stairs, there is still a way to access these boxes. On the way in you passed a large shelter house on your right. Behind and to the left of this shelter is another trail. (paved as well) It will eventually wind around to the stairs. You can go there and start instead.

Happy Hunting. As I said this is our first attempt so we welcome comments.