Only two of these in Vinton County  LbNA # 23598

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateJul 8 2006
LocationHue, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Mar 15 2013
Hike Distance?

Easy to find.

The remains of Hue is located on route 56 near the Hocking-Vinton County line east of Ash Cave State park.

Once a thriving self-contained community with stores and blacksmith shops, there are only a few houses left to mark this spot on the map.

From 56, turn South onto Locust Grove Ridge / Creola-Hue road, travel a short distance and bear left at the Y intersection, follow Creola-Hue road for a bit. Soon you will come upon Ebenezer Church and cemetery.

Park at the church, enter the grave yard and pay tribute to all of the Steele graves in this cemetery, many of the folks resting here are related to each other in someway and were part of the pioneer spirit of the Swan community during it's heyday.

Locate the grave of Reasoner Steele and look under the stone behind a small piece of sandstone for the stamp. The stamp will show you what there are only two of in Vinton County. One is in McArthur and one is in Hamden.

Please re-hide carefully from the prying eyes of bored children and from the attacks of mowing crews.

Notify me via e-Mail and I will forward a scan of Reasoner Steele's tin-type image from my Vinton County Historical archive.

See also: 'Find John Steele' located at Ash cave.