The Early Bird Gets the Worm and The Mowreys at th  LbNA # 23611

Placed DateJul 9 2006
LocationAshland, OH
Found By HeyJude1963
Last Found Aug 31 2015
Hike Distance?

Difficulty and Terrain rated 1; easy

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Ashland Cemetery is listed in directories as “Ashland Cemetery Association” and is located at 523 West Main St. At the intersection of Claremont Ave., State Route 250 and Main Street go west. The cemetery entrance is on the left.
After the entrance, go straight.
Go past the welcome sign on your right.
Go past the Ashland Cemetery Association brick building on your left.
Right at the Groeshner intersection.
Left at the P.A. Myers intersection.
On your right is the Seaton angel, she is missing a head and parts of her wings.
Also, on your right is a tree with the Barton stone beside it.
Just beyond the tree and Barton stone, is a green bird pulling on a worm.
Go to the back of the A.N. Myers and G.B. Spreng family stone.
Face east.
Walk past the black Moon family stone. Mom and Dad were married Sept. 9, 1959.
Walk past Andrew Poe.
Directly in front of you is an azalea bush.
The Early Bird is between the azalea bush and Smith stone.

MISSING IN ACTION: The Mowreys at the Pine

Get back in your car and continue to drive straight.
Past the Kinnaman 1911 family mausoleum on the left.
When facing the Topping stone go to the right (some of these roads split and become two one lane, one-way roads around a group of plots.)
Following the road split look for the Brubaker stone on your right.
Count the tree at the Brubaker stone as tree #1.
After the 3rd tree (Yes, count the scraggly short tree) make a right on the gravel road.
The gravel road becomes a grassy path with tire tracks. It may be difficult to drive on when the ground is wet or in the winter.
The gravel road curves to the right. On your left is the tree line at the top of the creek.
You are close when you see two trees very close to the road, on opposite sides of the road.
Stop when you reach the paved road and you see Shidler, Duffey, and Brown directly ahead of you.
To your left are Carrie B. and Willard L. Mowrey.
The Mowrey box is located to the left of Carrie B., between the bush and pine tree, under the bush.