Ro-deo de ode-ode Cowboy  LbNA # 23613

OwnerEl Lobo    
Placed DateJul 9 2006
LocationPecos, TX
Found By Kristal & Ron
Last Found Jan 2 2009
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"Yeah, I work all week just to make a draw,
Sometimes I don't ride 'em at all.
But I'm hooked in and I got to ride that train.
When I get down in that chute,
I can't keep from thinkin' about all that loot,
I'm a ro-deo de ode-ode cowboy
Bordering on the insane."

If one could step back in time about a hundred twenty five years or so, little in the way of entertainment would be found. Especially on the ranches, trail drives and other far reaches of West Texas. More than likely, out of pure desperation and boredom, the ranch hands decided to make their day's work into their form of entertainment, a competition to see Who Was The Best at what they did. The Rodeo was born, and Pecos, Texas claims to have held the world's first rodeo on July 4, 1883.

"Now, relax and take a deep breath or two
It's a one time shot and then you're through
Hang on, boy, and someday you'll have fame.
When they open up that gate
The bull takes off like a runaway freight
And you're a ro-deo de ode-ode cowboy
Bordering on the insane."

Those early competitors probably had no idea it would grow into one of today's major entertainment events. Their early efforts have been refined and defined over the years but, if the earliest competitors could see... they would be proud of the legacy they left.

Rodeo is more than just a sport or competition. It is a way of life, a childhood dream, a form of freedom, a quest to be the best, or a quest to be able to just keep on going down the road to the next rodeo. The life of a rodeo cowboy (or cowgirl) is not normal in any way, in fact, as described by Jerry Jeff Walker in the lyrics of one of his more popular songs, it borders on the insane.

"That's why I drink a cheeseburger, eat a six-pack
Take a Darvon to kill the pain.
Pay thirty-two fifty just to take a fall,
I live through it to tell you 'bout it all.
I'm a ro-deo de ode-ode cowboy
Bordering on the insane."


This box is a drive-by and not too far off of Interstate 20 in Pecos, Texas. Locate the West Of The Pecos museum in downtown Pecos at 1st Street and Cedar St. Across the street is the “future” home of the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame (old Pecos railroad depot). Just south of the “future” HOF and west of the museum is a railroad caboose. Between the caboose and the old depot is a flagpole flanked by planter beds. Look for the box in the northwest corner of the planter covered by the rocks that are being used as mulch. Please recover completely after stamping in.