Placed DateJul 9 2006
LocationWestbrook, CT
Planted By3    
Found By The Tumbler
Last Found Apr 17 2008
Hike Distance?

*** This box has been removed by the forestry service, apparently it was driving too much traffic to the wildlife refuge and they don't want people to go there.***

This box is located at the Salt Meadow Wildlife Refuge on Old Clinton Road in Westbrook.

You will want bug spray, and lots of it. I have made sure to place this box NOT in the poison ivy, for your itch-free convenience.

Take the trail from the parking lot until you reach the area where there are two buildings. There is a small informational booth past the second building. After reading about the wildlife exit the booth and turn right, there will be a mowed path in front of you that leads through the meadow where the bird houses are. You will pass by a plaque that tells about the bluebirds, shortly after this there is a path on the right that leads to the woods. Follow this path into the woods, you will soon go through a break in the stone wall and past a pile of fallen timber that protrudes into the trail on the right. Soon you will come to a spot with a huge tree on the right and a tree that has been marked by the woodpeckers. Shortly after this will be an intersection at a stone wall. There are some interesting things along the trail to the right, but you should turn left here, going through the break in the stone wall. The marsh will be on your right, and soon there will be a small trail that veers off toward the marsh, don't take this path. Instead continue on past the remains of a stone wall on the left. Soon you will come to a place where the ferns grow free. Look for the double tree on the right side of the trail. You'll know it's the right one if you turn around and see the "CE". The box is hidden behind the double tree.