Tillamook Forest Center Series  LbNA # 23618

Placed DateJul 3 2006
LocationTillamook, OR
Found By cow town boxer
Last Found May 29 2011
Hike Distance?

The Tillamook Forest Center opened its indoor exhibits and network of interpretive trails in the fall of 2005 and aims to educate visitors about the big burns that devastated the forest in the 1930s and 1940s. Very easy to locate on HWY 6 at milepost 22.
See http://www.tillamookforestcenter.org for more information.

Number One – Lookout(***Note-there is a chance the benches have been rearranged so the names on the benches may be different than the clue***)
From the parking lot head to the tall summer home on stilts. Hike up the stairs for a great view. Return to the bottom of the stairs and take the trail behind the home (called Student Planter’s Grove). At the first intersection take trail to the left. At next intersection take the trail to the right on the start of a paved path. Head on right pathway and stay on the main trail enjoying the woods. When you arrive at a bench “In Memory of Nelson and Georgia Rogers", sit and enjoy the nature. Take the trail directly in front of you towards the river. At the top of the stairs, sit at the “Bill Fishman – Long May you Run” bench until you are alone to hunt for the box. Behind the back of the bench is a large rock. Under the rock is the mini-lookout you have hunted for. While stamping at the bench, look to the left to enjoy the view of the vintage fire tower.

Number Two – Restoration
After looking at the exhibits inside the building, go out the back door towards the suspension bridge and take the steps down to the left. At bottom, turn to the left and go up the stairs towards the “demo forest”. Head straight on the main trail staying parallel to the river. You will pass the river overlook area and come to an intersection. Bear to the right around the bend. Locate the large “nurse log” nearby covered with moss. Across from the log is a Douglas Fir tree. (A letterboxer has reported this tree has been removed-July 9, 2012) To the right of the fir tree is a family of rocks. Under Papa rock is Restoration. The vintage fire tower is straight ahead when standing in front of the rocks. Continue on trail to finish loop and arrive at the parking lot.

Trail maps are available for free in the Forest Center.

Please email me if there is a problem with either of the boxes.