Lake Agnes Letterbox  LbNA # 23649 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2006
LocationGould, CO
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Note from the park rangers, August 2007

There is an unauthorized letterbox within the Colorado State Forest State Park called the Lake Agnes Letterbox. We do not allow unauthorized letterboxes or geocaches. We will try to find and remove it however if you could notify the placer perhaps they could remove it. We do place our own geocaches. We currently have 8 in the park. We are very selective with the placement of these caches. does not allow the posting of a cache within our park without our permission. Please stop the posting of unauthorized letterboxes. Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail. Thank-you

Lake Agnes Letterbox

The Lake Agnes trailhead can be found on Hwy 14 approx. 7 miles east of Walden, CO or 74 miles west of Ft. Collins, CO. There will be a sign showing Lake Agnes and the American Lakes. It costs $5 for a day permit. The gravel road leading to the Lake Agnes trailhead is ROUGH, and there's a stream to cross at the end throughout most of the year. We've always made it however, - even in our low riding mini van.

Take the trail leading to Lake Agnes – it’s just under a mile, and not steep until the very end. Even then it’s not too bad – we’ve taken children as young as 4 up and they haven’t had any trouble.

As the lake comes into view, you’ll see a sign reading:

Lake Agnes -->
Scenic Trail 1 mile

While standing facing the sign, turn left to find a large dead tree with carvings made in it. Take the path that’s behind and a bit to the left of the dead tree. The path leads up through some rock and turns away from the lake.

When you reach the top of this path, turn right and head back towards the lake. Right before you climb the rocks overlooking the lake, the look for the letterbox under the large boulder slightly to your right.

We were at Lake Agnes on the 4th of July and there were probably about 20 other hikers there that day. That’s the most we’ve seen, but we generally do meet one or two fishermen. No one could really see what we were doing, but please be discreet. We’d appreciate your message in the journal. Thanks and Happy Letterboxing!