Song Bird  LbNA # 23672 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2006
LocationAsheville, NC
Found By Skinny Catfish
Last Found Jul 26 2008
Hike Distance?


Planted July 7, 2006 by JOY of TeamTexUS

Go to Beaver Dam Bird Santuary off Merrimon Road in north Asheville. The park is open daily and there is no fee. Beware, though, the parking lot closes at dusk, and the gate will close automatically.

Park in the little lot and go the the trail head. Standing with your back to the parking lot, take the main trail to the left. The trail will become a boardwalk. Continue down the main boardwalk, past the Wetlands observation deck. Go past a path on the left where you can see a big old tree with many trunks near the water. Note- should you go down this short little path, you may be lucky enough to see some Blue Herons fishing among the lily pads.

Shortly, a boardwalk path will split-off on your left. Take this path, and find the Beaver Lake: A North Asheville Landmark sign. Read about the amazing variety of birds you might see in the park. Continue past the sign, across an observation deck which looks out over the lake, and onto the dirt path.

Once on the dirt path, take 12 steps (1 footfall = 1 step) and turn to your right. You will be facing the water, and will see a tree trunk lying on the ground, curving up and to your left. The Song Bird camo micro-box is behind the tree trunk, covered with some small rocks.

Please re-seal the baggie, make sure the top is on tightly, and re-cover well.

You can then go back the way you came or continue down the boardwalk for a short, but lovely walk through the park, which will end back at the parking lot.