Rosecrans Memorial Airport  LbNA # 23681 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCandise and Crew    
Placed DateJul 8 2006
LocationWathena, KS
Found By Patience4
Last Found Aug 25 2006
Hike Distance?

**Alive and Well** checked Sept. 1, 2007

Travel east on Hwy 36 from Wathena toward Elwood. Take the exit at Hwy 238 and turn left. Travel to the Rosecrans Memorial Airport, turning left at the dead-end and passing in front of the Missouri National Air Guard base. The 139th Airlift Wing has been here 60 years!) Park in front of the Airport Tower, and check out the lobby where the airport history is revealed -- as well as the famous airman from World War I whose name the airport bears. Exit the rear double doors, and watch the airport traffic as long as time allows :-) Turn north along the fence line and walk through the gate until you reach the Life Flight helicopter pad. Continue north along the ramp following the painted yellow "sidewalk" until you reach the "Aviator" statue. Go 12 steps west from the statue to reach the first of twin bridges (the placer's family includes identical twin boys). Turn north and go 32 paces to the second bridge and look at the base nearest the Express Flight building to find this treasure box under 2 stones. Have a "safe flight" and many happy landings!

P.S. If time allows, especially on Mondays and Fridays, ask for a complimentary tour of the Herzog Hangar (east of Express Flight on the field) from the chief pilot there. (He's our dad!)