Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner  LbNA # 23714

Placed DateJul 8 2006
Location???, VA
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Length: 1.7 miles
Difficulty: Fairly flat with a few slight hills, but very uneven (roots and rocks)
Bring: Compass and black ink

Sometimes there is a small parking fee of $2 per car for the day. It seems that it's hit-or-miss.

NOTE: As of 07/13/06, the last half of the Indian Trail is temporarily closed because of fallen trees. You can loop back using a few of the other trails. Or, although I don’t encourage this, you can do what I did and hike the Indian Trail anyway. The trail was fine except for one large fallen tree I had to climb over.

Find your way to the “Top of the World” where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed in 1986. Once you park your car, make your way down to the lake and towards the dock. Just before the start of the dock, you will see the beginning of a trail into the woods (Indian Trail). This is the start of your journey.

The Indian Trail is known as an interpretive trail. This means that every so often you will see a small sign with a number on it. This number corresponds to a number in the guide. The guide will then tell you something about the nature around you. I picked this trail because it gives you the best look at what the forests of Virginia look like. The ground is protected by the towering Eastern Hemlocks, and you will see the largest species of Rhododendrons around.

Follow the trail to #8. At a reading of 20 you will see a large tree (a Hemlock, I believe). To the right there is a dead ½ tree. Starting at the #8 sign, and going between these 2 trees is a slight path. Follow this path until the Hemlock is to your left. On the right there is a flat moss covered rock. Hidden beneath this rock, your prize awaits. As always, please re-hide carefully.