Creatures By The Sea  LbNA # 23719 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 13 2006
LocationHunting Island State Park, St. Helena, SC
Found By girlscouttroop 187
Last Found Aug 9 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a shaded walk down a beautiful trail of pine, palm, and Live Oak trees. The walk is between half and three quarters of a mile. I suggest you wear sneakers if possible instead of sandals or flip flops. When all four boxes have been found, you can either continue a short distance down the trail to the road and make a loop back to the visitors center or backtrack along the path.

Approximate length between .5 to .75 miles. A pace = one normal adult step.

Begin at the visitor center of Hunting Island State Park. If you are unfamiliar with the park andor the nature trail, stop into the visitor center and grab a trail map. The roads and trails in this park can be a little confusing and having the map may help you explore the park after you finish the clues.

The trail begins in the parking lot of the visitor center. The entrance is at the handicapped parking spot and the bike rack. Walk along the path. Approximately two minutes into the walk, the trail will curve a bit to the left and go down a small hill. Notice the mossy log on the left. A little farther down the path notice the large Live Oak tree on the left side of the trail. It has a Y shape and many knotholes in it. Go around to the back of the tree. On the ledge of the tree look for THE GECKO.

Please be discreet when retrieving this and all of the boxes, and make sure they are well concealed when replacing them.


Continue down the path. You will see a fallen tree to the right of the trail. Notice the two trees growing close together on the right side of the trail and a curved log growing into the ground further down on the left. From this point take approximately 70 paces farther down the trail, and you will see a tall stump about five feet high to the right of the trail. Turn and look to the left side of the trail and you will see a stately pine tree upon a small hill . At the back of the tree, beneath the twigs and small logs you will find THE DRAGONFLY.


Return to the trail and continue in the same direction. Soon the path opens up into a clearing and the trail changes from pine needles to sand. Just before the path goes back into the woods on the right side of the trail, you will see a stout palm tree with three skinny pine trees on surrounding it. Look toward the back of the palm tree at the base of the palm fronds about four feet from the ground, and you will discover THE TURTLE.


Head into the woods. Keep your eyes on the left side of the trail where you will soon see a tall pine three that forms a Y with a dead branch reaching up about 20 feet. As you continue down the path you will pass under two low trees that cross the trail- low enough for an adult to touch (if they haven't been cut down). Up ahead, the trail curves to the left and goes slightly up hill. Continue on until the trail goes a bit down hill and you will see a large stump to the left of the trail. As you go on about 40 more paces, the trail dips into a gully. Continue on and look for a Live Oak tree on the left side of the trail that has a large Y shape as the path goes down a small hill. On the right side of the trail you will see a broken tree that lies diagonally on to another tree with a large hole at its base. From here take 95 paces down the trail. On the left side you will find a pine tree with a skinny oak (or perhaps it is a maple) growing right beside it. They are so close together that you can barely put your hand between them. The trail curves to the left and you will find a large Live Oak that grows at about a 60 degree angle over the trail. A step beyond this is a dead tree with a hole in its center about four feet off the ground. Stand on the path between the two trees so that the Live Oak is on the left and the dead tree is on the right. From this viewpoint, about ten paces up a small hill you will see a stump that is about four feet off the ground. Walk around to the back of the stump and you will discover THE DOLPHIN.

If you continue down the trail, you will reach the road within five minutes. Take a left onto the road and you will loop back to the visitors center along the road. If you prefer, retrace your steps along the nature trail back to the visitor center.