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Snow White-Disneyland  LbNA # 23729 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationAnaheim, CA
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***** This letterbox was removed 8/23/06. The Snow White show is being shutdown effective 9/4/06 and I wanted to removed the box before I no longer had access. Sorry! This was a great location too! I'm on the lookout for a new Disney site. - Cucamonga Kids

If you are headed out to Disneyland, be sure to check out this letterbox. It is placed at the show called “Snow White – An Enchanting Musical”. It’s a great show with neat sets and interesting effects. The show is in Fantasyland at the Fantasyland Theater, across from It’s a Small World. There are usually 4-5 shows a day. Check the Entertainment Times Guide for show times as you enter the park. Or you can look at the Disneyland website in advance for their daily calendar of events and show times.

Once you’ve made it to the theater, head towards the right side of the theater (when you look at the stage, the right side is the side the queen’s castle is on). At the back of the theater is a small sound room with Tudor styling to it. Immediately north of the sound room is a set of bleachers. Enter from the aisle closest to the sound room and go up to the third bench. The backrest is held up by a series of metal supports. Go to the third support from the left side you entered on and sit down. A very small metal Altoids Box is the letterbox that is being held up by magnets under your seat. I didn’t have space for an inkpad, so you’ll need to bring something to ink-up the stamp.

As is the case with any Disney box, you may want to go soon as there is no guarantee how long this one will last. Please email me back ( as you can to let me know the survival of this box and if any maintenance is needed.