Huntley Meadows Park  LbNA # 2374

Placed DateJun 24 2000
LocationAlexandria, VA
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By Front Door
Last Found Dec 13 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 13 2015

Huntley Meadows Park (2)
3701 Lockheed Blvd.
Alexandria, Virginia
Placed June 24, 2000

Stop in the Visitor Center if it is open and pick up a Trail Guide. Begin your search by taking the Cedar Trail to the boardwalk. On the board walk section you will see tons of wildlife. When I hid this box I saw a water snake, Bullfrog tadpoles, two kinds of turtles, lots of birds and ducks and herons, a beaver, lots of dragonflies, lots of nice plants, lizards, and butterflies. It is one of the best nature spots in the Washington Area. Be sure to take sunscreen and some binoculars and a hat. Very easy walking.

Frog Box (Replaced 5/25/06) Thanks, Squirrel
Be sure to stop at the Visitor Center
To get a trail guide before you enter.
If you begin your search on the Cedar Trail
And follow the boardwalk you will not fail.
Look for the turtles, ducks and plants in flower
On your way to the Observation Tower.
Just before you reach that man made height
Take the boardwalk to the left, not to the right.
At the wooden path's end and before the dirt
Stop at the sign and look alert.
Look to the meadow at 140 degrees
To spot a clump of five beautiful trees.
Be careful of the ticks, snakes and fox
As you retrieve this first letterbox.
Be sure to replace and cover the box well
So it cannot be seen by others on the trail.

Dragonfly Box (Still there as of March 18, 2006 or soon to be replaced 5/25/06)

Continue on around to the number 12 and relax at the bench and listen to the woodland sounds. At that bench take a left turn and continue on to the #14 (the Ditch). From there take 56 steps to a second bend in the trail. Stop and face left. Look for a big tree bearing 300 degrees about 35 steps forward. Inside you will find what you seek. Be sure to replace the box and cover it so it cannot be seen from the trail.

This box is still in place as of March 18, 2006 but it needs a new baggie and a booklet. If you go, can you tidy it up and add a booklet for the next boxer. I'm sure they would appreciate it. It is one of the oldest boxes in the area and one of the ones in the Washington Post article that got letterboxing started in this area. I would hate to see it go missing.
Thanks, Squirrel