Monkey Island, Naughty Monkey  LbNA # 23745 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationDavenport, IA
Found By Krispy Bizcocho
Last Found Jun 29 2007
Hike Distance?

This box has a hand carved stamp, bring your own stamp pad.

This letterbox has an escaped naughty monkey from Monkey Island and he’s hiding in Fejevary Park. To get to Fejevary, take Division St. in Davenport, to 12 St., turn west, go past The Putnum Museum.

Start at the entrance by Mother Goose. Face southwest and follow the fence around until you come to a gate, it’ll be locked most likely. Look to your right. There where those stones are, there used to be monkeys playing. When I was a kid this was Monkey Island and the monkeys were free to romp and play outside all the time. We loved to ride our bikes to this park and watch the monkeys. Now, there’s a naughty monkey to be found in this very park. (This is now home to a big cat of some kind.)

From the center of the gate face 300 degrees and walk 28 paces to the top of the steps. Descend the steps. Continue walking to the west, through a narrower mowed opening between the trees. Look for a small square steel pad on your left and go stand on it. Face 338 degrees and walk 28 paces to the edge of the woods. Enter the woods and you’ll see a big hollow tree lying on the ground. Three feet downhill from the roots of the dead tree is a hollow root pointing to a live tree. The naughty monkey is hiding in that hollow root. Please hide him completely when you’re through so kids don’t find him and try to take him home.