MT: Finding Pleasure, Beauty and Love  LbNA # 23759

Placed DateJul 15 2006
LocationGallatin, TN
Found By tnhiker
Last Found Dec 30 2012
Hike Distance?

From Gallatin (where Food Lion and the hospital are on Main St.) go east 6.4 miles on Rt. 25. You will cross Bledsoe Creek and pass Cragfont, a historic house built in 1798. Pull in to the Bledsoe Fort Historical Park on your left just past the Castalian Springs sign.

Park then cross over to the self-guided interpretive trail. My directions take you in a big clock-wise circle around this approximately 1 mile loop trail. I didn't notice the map at the start of the trail takes you around counter-clockwise, until we got all the way around and had already planted our boxes giving clues by going clock-wise. But the trail is enjoyable going either way first.

MT: Poppy - Pleasure

To seek Pleasure, access the trail from the parking lot and turn left at the "Hugh Rogers Memorial". Walk past the "Abram Bledsoe" sign. Check out the Archeologic location of Isaac Bledsoe's fort from the observation platform. Dream about how life must have been like for the pioneers so long ago. Continue on the trail. Enter the woods. 20 steps after entering the woods on the left, you will see a pile of suspicious looking big rocks. You guessed it, the letterbox is under this pile of rocks. Go a few more steps and you come to a small opening in the woods and the path you are on now splits into 2 paths. You will ultimately go to the right, but take a quick side trip to the left. Just about 20 steps up this path you will see the "Cavern of the Skulls".. eewwww.. creepy.

MT: Calla Lilly - Beauty

To attain Beauty, Back track back to the small opening in the woods and now continue on the rocky trail to the right, as mentioned before. Pass the "Long Hunter Camp" sign. Actually before we got to this sign, we did see a small unimproved trail in the woods. I'm guessing this unimproved trail may take you down to the camp. But, what with snakes, ticks, poison ivy, and the heat, we decided to wait and check that out this winter. But I digress, so back to the directions. Continue on the trail. 6 steps past the "Cheskiki Indian Village Sign" on the right you will see another suspicious pile of rocks, about 4 steps off the path. Yep, tucked right in there

MT: Ivy - Love

To find Love, continue on the trail once again, past the 1800's Pioneer Cemetery. After checking out this amazing site, continue on the trail. Go past the "Bledsoe's Lick" sign. 5 steps before the "Other Forts and Stations" sign on the right side of the trail is a multi-trunk tree, surrounded by Ivy. The box is tucked in between the trunks. You can actually reach it without going around to the back of the tree, but of course use a stick.

Continue around to where you started, passing the hanging sign telling you that you are on a portion of "Avery Trace", and past Nathaniel Parker's Log Cabin (and his outhouse). Continue on the trail, things should start looking familiar to you again. Hope you enjoyed your walk.