Square Dance - Quilt Block Series  LbNA # 23777

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationGeorgetown, TX
Found By fallingaeroplanes
Last Found Nov 8 2015
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Last EditedNov 8 2015

The “Square Dance” quilt block letterbox was made especially for this park after seeing Quetzel’s box “The Texas State Dance”. Be sure to find this fun box while you’re here. We have square danced for almost 30 years and my husband was a square dance caller for 25 years, so this activity holds special memories for us. Berry Springs Park and Preserve is approximately 300 acres of rolling farm land with an abundance of oaks and a great old pecan orchard as well as the flowing waters of Berry Springs that provide a lake for fishing. John Berry settled here in 1846 and lies in a small family cemetery in the park. I’m sure many quilts were made on this farm and there were no doubt more than a few square dances held in the Berry barn.

Going north from Austin on I-35, exit Georgetown/Andice and turn right on Williams. Turn left on Business 35, which is Austin Ave. Turn right onto FM 971 and go to CR 152. Turn left on CR 152 (there is a Baptist Churh on the corner). This will take you to Berry Springs County Park and Preserve. The entrance is on CR 152 and will be on your left.

To the Letterbox:
Park at the pavilion. It would be a great place for a square dance if it weren’t for all the pesky picnic tables!

Bow to your partner, and your corner, too,
Circle to the left and when you do,
Find a little path all made of gravel,
Veer to your right and begin to travel.

Old John Berry is your left-hand man,
Give ‘im a smile, as pretty as you can.
Down the path on the left is a live oak tree,
Short and stout, but as lovely as can be.

A branch is reaching out to take you by the hand
And do-si-do you to the promised land.
Allemande left with the old oak tree,
Swing your partner and there you’ll be.

Go ahead, give a holler and a hoot!
Circle ‘round behind it cause you’re lookin’ for a root.
If you’re very lucky, you’ll get some Yellow Rocks,
And underneath them you’ll find the letterbox.