The Lost Texan Series #27-Colorado  LbNA # 23801

Placed DateJul 7 2006
LocationBellvue, CO
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Aug 6 2006
Hike Distance?

This is in a series of 28 boxes hidden all over the west and midwest in 14 states.

You will probably need a pretty detailed map of the Poudre Canyon area to find this box. Just off highway 14 and road 103 is Lost Lake. Hike down to the lake and find the biggest rock in the lake right on the shore. (Hint -this will be near the end of the lake that has all the water plants growing in it in the summer)Stand on the shore just behind the rock and face away from the lake. You will see a huge fallen log just up the hill from you. Just to the left of this log is an even longer fallen log. Walk up to it. The box is wedged in between the standing tree and the log.

Note-The turnoff for Lost Lake is before you get to Chambers Lake. The turnoff will be on your right. There will be a rocky parking area and a restroom. It is not marked well.