Lake Quinault Leprechaun  LbNA # 23803

Placed DateJul 14 2006
CountyGrays Harbor
LocationQuinault, WA
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Aug 7 2013
Hike Distance?

6/23/2008 The logbook is full. If you are going for this one can you take a paper roll with you. About 1 1/2 " wide would work. As I recall it was a film canister.

4/9/10 Still needs a logbook.

From the Falls at Falls Creek find the bridge between the road and the lake. The magnetic micro letterbox is under the 4th plank adjacent to the first metal upright in the southeast corner sitting on a metal crossbeam. Campsite #18 is the closest to the letterbox, but you should have access from the other side as well as through the campground. Use STEALTH, have confidence it is there, and just reach under and then up.

Sure Trolls live under bridges, but this guy liked the greenery so much he was willing to take the chance that he would run into a troll.

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