Rock Crab (Deception Pass)  LbNA # 23812 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationOak Harbor, WA
Found By Rock Dwellers
Last Found May 30 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is at Deception Pass State Park

Once finding the Sea Anemone box you cacn continue on to the Crab box or begin with these directions...

the idea for this box came from the rock crabs that we found on this beach during low tide

You will want to park at the north end of the parking lot. You will see a trail sign showing the distance to the ampitheatre, north beach, and the bridge. take this trail into the woods. soon you will come to a clearing -you should see the Deception Pass Bridge in the distance directly ahead of you. take the left hand trail down past the ampitheatre which will be on your right.. go out onto the beach to your left. walk along the beach between the driftwood (left) and the woods (right. Soon you will come to a driftwood teeter-totter that actually works (you may want to try it out. with one hand on the end of the teeter-totter closest to the bridge startcounting foosteps (count each footfall)walk toward the bridge along the trees. at aprox 30 steps you will see a clearing in the trees to your right. enter the clearing with your back to the beach. look to your left and you should see fir trees with low hanging branches. look carefully past those low hanging branches, you should see a pair of trees leaning to the right.
you can either crouch down under the low branches to get to the leaning trees or you can walk out to them on the beach (our suggestion)
once out on the beach you will see a driftwood "star". if you follow the trunk of the star back to the woods you will be at the leaning trees.
at the base of the leaning tree closest to the beach is a long log. this log has a hole in it where this log meets the base of the leaning tree. the hole is a perfect place for the rock crab letterbox.

you can go back to the clearing and up to the trail sign there to follow the directions to the Harbor Seal Box.