Harbor Seal (Deception Pass)  LbNA # 23813 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationOak Harbor, WA
Found By Dog Islander
Last Found Sep 19 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is at Deception Pass State Park

the Penguin Girls camped at Deception Pass with our good friends the Allens, it rained the entire time we camped but on our fist night, exploring the beach in the rain, a harbor seal swam by and barked at us. this box and its hand carved harbor seal stamp was inspired by "our" real seal seen a few days prior to hiding this box!

After finding the rock crab box you can follow the clues from the clearing or start here:

You will want to park at the north end of the parking lot. You will see a trail sign showing the distance to the ampitheatre, north beach, and the bridge. take this trail into the woods. soon you will come to a clearing -you should see the Deception Pass Bridge in the distance directly ahead of you. take the left hand trail down past the ampitheatre which will be on your right, the beach will be to your left, and a small parking lot to your left. cut across to parking lot in front of you to continue on the trail, at the edge of the parking lot you will see another trail marker telling the distance to north beach. follow the trail signs to north beach...

[at the "crab-box" clearing you can get back up on the trail by crossing the clearing with your back to the beach, follow the trail markers to north beach]

continue along the trail following the trail markers toward north beach. eventually you will come to a fork in the path -go right. as you continue down this trail, the trail turns into a boardwalk. just after the other end of this boardwalk you will be able to see the beach on your left and an over-grown trail on your right. to get down to the beach you can either take the steep trail or the gradual trail ...we suggest the gradual one! at the bottom of the gradual trail (with your back to the trail and the beach on your left)you will see a fat worn stump in front of you. behind the stump you will see a tree with crazy gnarled roots. go to this tree. the roots of this tree have grown around a fallen tree and made it part of its root system. down and to the right of these roots you will see a "V" shaped opening between the roots where it has grown over the fallen tree. over the top are some green leaves. if you part these leaves and look down you will find the letterbox.

to get back to your car get back on the trail and go back over the boardwalk. at the fork go left. follow all trail signs back to the ampitheatre and west beach!

***also look for the MoMoNT FRIENDS hitchhiker realeased on the same day!