Hoosier State Letterbox  LbNA # 23814 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 16 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationUCLA Sculpture Garden, Los Angeles, CA
Planted Byumreeh    
Found By oj drinker
Last Found Oct 22 2011
Hike Distance?

Hoosier State Letterbox

NOTE: This letterbox box is now a letterbox/geocache hybrid. Please leave trackables for geocaching for geocaching players. For more information on geocaching, please visit the provided link.

Alive and well as of 02/14/2012 and directions updated due to missing landmark.

This letterbox is located in the Sculpture Garden of the UCLA campus. The stamp is fairly large, so bring a large stamp pad.

The garden is full of, obviously, sculptures.

Once you get there, find a headless torso. Due west of that is a bust of a female head, and south of that is a Y-shaped, steel sculpture. Look down that line of sight, and you will see a path with concrete walls to the left, and shrubs to the right. Walk down the path to the end of the wall (to the far end, not the path that is in the middle of the wall to your left about half way down) and you will find the box, wedged between the wall and a small plant. It is covered with camouflage tape, so you may not find it at first, but it is there.

Make sure to re-hide it carefully, away from view after enjoying it!