Placed DateJul 16 2006
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByThe Byrds    
Found By Bicicleta Power
Last Found Aug 10 2007
Hike Distance?

[Hi Byrds. You're login email is no longer accepting mail. You can edit it in Member Services. --Choi, one of the LbNA Webmasters]

According to my on-line dictionary, a symbol is:

"Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible."

One of my favorite symbols is the logo of the Presbyterian Church USA. The logo has several religious symbols incorporated in a design consisting of only a few lines. Can you find a descending dove, a fountain, a cross, an open bible and some flames? To get your copy of the logo, in the form of a stamp, take the College Blvd East exit from the Blue Valley Parkway (Highway 69). Go East on College Blvd for approximately 1/2 mile. Turn right (North) on Neiman, then turn left into the parking lot of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Make an immediate right inside the parking lot and park in the first parking space to your right. The letterbox is under the southernmost evergreen bush in the flowerbed in front of you.

While you are there, say something nice about the flowerbed next to your stamp in the letterbox book, the better half of the Byrds tends the two flowerbeds at the entrance of the parking lot.