Orphaned Paul Bunyan  LbNA # 23823 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFlying SquirrelSquad    
Placed DateJul 15 2006
LocationSaint Maries/ Hwy 3 north, ID
Found By American Boxer
Last Found Nov 28 2009
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Planted and carved by Tuppence (was Rocky)of FSS
Heyburn Elementary School in Saint Maries Idaho is the home of the Lumber Jacks, and in the front yard of the school stands the biggest lumberjack of them all Paul Bunyan. This isnít any ordinary Paul Bunyan, this is an Orphaned Paul Bunyan. Who was adopted by the good folks of Saint Maries, when the poor abandon creature was found in 1967 in a field, left in fend for himself after rolling off of a truck.
The 25 foot tall fellow now stands buried up to his ankles in the earth in front of the school. Where some of the locals pay homage to him at night by setting off homemade bombs under his footless legs and leaving things in his hands.#1 I didnít make this, up at least not much of it, once again the truth is stranger than fiction. Footnotes1,2
WREN -MINI BOX -this is a mini Altoids gum box with a wren stamp in it . It is a wren because I messed up and carved a wren instead of Swallow. A Swallow will follow, at some later time.
To find Paulís miniature likeness and the wren you need to go to Cherry Bend boaters Park.

DIRECTIONS: to Cherry Bend Boaters Park: (On Hwy3 going north from ST. Maries.)
"Cherry Bend Boat Park, on the Shadowy St. Joe River. To get there, head northeast out of St. Maries on Highway 3, cross over the river and go 2.8 miles to the Cherry Bend Boat Park Cut-Off. The park is 1.4 miles down that road. .......(OR)....boat ride from Coeur d'Alene! Allow 11/-2 hours to get to the Cherry Bend Boat Park on the St. Joe River. Driving? You can go East on Highway 90 to the Rose Lake exit (Highway 3) and South (right) to St. Maries. Or, take Highway 95 South to Plummer and go East (left) on Highway 5 to St. Maries. Drive time from Coeur d'Alene is about 1-1/2 hours either way. " These directions are copied from a guide to the smART festival of the Arts. #3 footnote.

TO PAUL BUNYAN- If you enter from the land side walk south towards the restrooms. There is a cement ramp on the womenís side. I think there is a metal ramp or bridge also, but you want the cement one. Look under the ramp on the east, left side as you approach it from the north. There under the edge of a bush and under the ramp is where the box is hidden. I tried to put some rocks in front of the box.

TO MINI BOX - This is in a stump that is on the far East side of the park just as you come over the hill from the land side, there is a yellow picnic table, that sits in front of or in line with a log and stone house that is outside of the park. There is a stump in front and to the right of the table this is the stump with the stamp. (There is alarger double stump to the left of it donít look there for the stamp..) The tiny box is covered by old wood and stuff on the south side of the hole on top the stump.
Please, let me know if the clues are wrong. I planted these at the smART Festival and learned that you should not try to plant boxes during busy festal in a small park. Tuppence
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