Mulholland Light  LbNA # 23825

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateJul 15 2006
CountyNew Brunswick, CAN
LocationMulholland Lighthouse, Welshpool, NBR
Found By K&K
Last Found Oct 8 2008
Hike Distance?

"Built in 1885, Mulholland Point Lighthouse served as a guide for the many small coasters, passenger ships, and freighters traversing the narrow Lubec Channel en route to or from the United States or Canadian ports on Grand Manan."

From local sources...
"This lighthouse is a wooden-framed octagonal tower 44 feet high; its basal diameter is 22 feet. The iron lantern, which sits about 60 feet above the high water line, once held a seventh order, dioptric, oil-fueled lamp. In 1962, when navigational lights were installed on the newly-built bridge that connects Lubec with Campobello Island, the lighthouse was decommissioned. It later was donated to the Roosevelt-Campobello International park."

The lighthouses around Lubec, Maine, are each beautiful and distinguishable structures. Mulholland Light is visible from many spots around town. You can reach the lighthouse by taking Route 189 east to Campobello Island. Please note that you'll cross the US/Canadian boarder as you cross the International Bridge. Travel with appropriate photo identification and be aware of other restrictions. Once across the boarder, take the first left you encounter. The lighthouse is along the water on your left.


Find the plaque along one of the eight sides of the lighthouse. Take a moment to read it, then find the staircase leading down to the water on the opposite side of the structure. Once down the stairs, head right along the stone walkway. Head up the next set of stairs you encounter. Ten steps from the head of the stairs you'll find a hearty spruce a few steps in the brush to your left. The Mulholland Lighthouse Letterbox can be found tucked along the roots and under rocks at the base of the spruce. Enjoy, and as always, please rehide carefully.