Wolverine  LbNA # 23830

Placed DateJul 7 2006
LocationCuster, SD
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 24 2013
Hike Distance?

The letterbox is hidden in Custer State Park, on a trail called “Prairie Trail”. This trail is loop that is 2.3 miles long, and takes 2-3 hours to walk. The letterbox is located at roughly the halfway point of the loop.

The trail advertised as “Moderate” difficulty. There were two portions that went uphill. I had to pause for a brief rest a couple of times.

The views while walking this trail are wonderful. Because you’re not in a car and are not with a bunch of other tourists, the views are even better than nice!

We were warned not to approach the buffalo while on our hike. We saw a herd from a distance.

Park your car at the “Prairie Trail” trailhead, which is on the Wildlife Loop Road.

Begin your journey on the Prairie Trail.

You will very quickly come to a fork in the trail. Choose the trail that goes to the right, bearing due South. You will see an information display titled, “A Sense of Place”.

As you follow the trail further you will see a blue diamond on a tree.

You will soon see a brown vertical stick with the number “2”, which is a trail marker.

The trail goes South West at this point. Look for the trail marker sticks – I accidentally left the trail at this point since it’s not well defined.

At this point it’s a long uphill, so pace yourself.

You will soon see another blue diamond on a tree.

Another display appears shortly: “How Would You Survive?”

The trail is level now, which is easy to walk.

You will pass a trail marker with the number “7”, and later a trail marker with the number “6”.

The trail goes downhill on a gentle slope.

Eventually you reach an information display titled, “The Mixed Grass Prairie: A place where East meets West”.

Face the display. Then look directly behind you. 15 steps from the trail is a large rock. Look behind the rock. Under a small “overhang”, covered with rocks, is your prize.