Don Gato's Lament  LbNA # 23839

OwnerSquishy Bees    
Placed DateJul 15 2006
LocationHerington, KS
Found By Dragon Tales
Last Found Jun 2 2013
Hike Distance?

Enter Herington, either east or west on hywy 56. Turn south on Broadway and the street ends at the fairgrounds.

El Senor Don Gato was a cat,
In front of a museum Don Gato sat.
He was there to find a letterbox,
Meow, meow, meow,
Where to find it was a mystery,
Meow, meow, meow,
Twas a letterbox in Herington.

He was looking left and then to right,
A railroad crossing sign was just in sight.
It was there to guide the way,
Meow, meow, meow,
To the train cars where he may,
Meow, meow, meow,
Hope to find a hidden letterbox.

Don Gato's heart began to beat,
For he saw a sign of things to eat,
His tummy always growls,
Meow, meow, meow,
When he hungers for those fowls,
Meow, meow, meow,
He's closer to the letterbox.

Then he tried to open up the door,
But thinking then he could to something more,
He looked down the foundation,
Meow, meow, meow,
Where, 12 bricks, and innovation,
Meow, meow, meow,
He knew he had to count them.

Don Gato stopped and turned when it was time.
To see a car the color of a dime.
Looking close, he saw a tank,
Meow, meow, meow,
His lucky stars he could now thank,
Meow, meow, meow,
For wedged nearby, he found it.

I hope unkind you do not think of me,
But this song was all that I could see.
Please enjoy this letterbox,
Meow, meow, meow,
And replace the box and rock,
Meow, meow, meow,
Then let me know you found it.