Wild Lion  LbNA # 23845

Placed DateJul 17 2006
LocationCoeur d'Alene, ID
Found By pursia
Last Found Jul 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Planted in the Fernan District of the National Forest. The Wild Lion Letterbox is in a remote area. The drive there is mostly paved and the views beautiful.
Starting in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Exit off of I-90 at exit 15. Sherman Ave. At the stop light turn east and follow the Fernan Lake Road out around the lake. Pass the lake and continue on up the grade to Fernan Saddle. From the end of the lake at elevation 2138 to the saddle at elevation of approximately 4000, you will be gaining close to 1900 feet and traveling along a curvy paved road.
At Fernan Saddle keep on the pavement as the road turns north easterly. Road desigantion 612. Journey this portion passing all other spur roads. You will also pass by a
spring on the left, There is a wide spot to stop and dip you toes in. We have drank from this spring ourselves but, please use your own discreation.
Continue on as the road curves along. The view to the south is one of our favorites. And the reason we planted this letterbox here. Soon the road Ys and the pavement ends. Keep right here and you will see the road sign 434. Don't blink. Shortly after you get on road 434, to the left you will see a trail that a motorbike or 4 wheeler would love to go up. Just opposite of this trail is a wide place that would be a good place to park. Or if you are on a trail bike or 4 wheeler, have a go up the trail. If you don't, then, You'll have to walk. Travel up the trail. This trail travels 166 degrees South-easterly. Continue on your way up and up the trail. It really isn't very far now. Pass the two large fir trees near the left of the trail. Further up Pass between the downed log that has been cut in two to allow passage. When this trail Ys, take the lesser of the two. You will be walking along side a downed log just on you right. Soon you join the broader trail again. Keep on going and you will see the trail Y again. And again take the trail less traveled. O.K., It does meet up with the more traveled trail again. But, to find the letterbox, you will need to stand at the joining place of this second diversion's end, so you can count back 5 steps along the more traveled trail from this joining point. When you have back tracked the 5 steps along the more traveled trail, you should be standing right next to a fir tree. Turn so your back is to this fir tree. Looking forward , you should see. two downed logs. They have fallen and nestled in among the bases of three standing trees. Take 9 steps toward the first downed log. Notice the second downed tree is wedge up against one of the live trees. Letterbox is under this log, up against this live tree.
Please rehide well. As you probably have noticed this trail is well traveled by the motorized population. Please be careful they travel fast. Also please be careful of the wildlife population. We have seen deer, moose, coyote, and bear around here. They are awesome to see but are very unpredictable.
Please do not use scented ink to stamp in this letterbox. That will attract unwanted attention from the wildlife.
And as always, Thank you for your help in keeping this letterbox's integrity.
Hope you Enjoy the drive, the area and the views. God bless.

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