A Great Place to Be  LbNA # 23850

Ownerlucy & eccentrics    
Placed DateJul 17 2006
LocationHendersonville, NC
Found By Lukers
Last Found Jul 30 2016
Hike Distance?

This urban box will take you on a journey through downtown Hendersonville. The journey begins at 4th and Washington.
From 26, you can get there by taking the Hendersonville exit and following 64W (4 Season's Blvd) until you reach Church St. Take a left on to Church and get in the far right lane. You will take a right on to 4th. I believe it is the second right. Washington is a block down 4th.

The location of the box is now closed on Sundays.

Please take box outside to one of the handy benches to stamp up!

SUPPLIES - You will need an ink pad and pen!
WALK - About 1/2 a mile and fairly easy. It is all sidewalks and street crossings. If you have young children, you will want to watch them closely at the street
crossings. This is a very busy town! You will find plenty of places to rest, and even to have a cool drink.
CLUES - Medium.
HOURS - Mon-Sat: 10:00 - 6:00; Sunday 1:00 - 6:00

Are you ready for a stroll through downtown Hendersonville?
Okay! Let's get going!

From 4th and Washington find the place where Austen, Dickens and other bookish types make their home. Once there sit on the steps in front of the doors that aren't entrances. From here spy the star marked trail and go in that direction. Pass the star and then an eagle who guards a sad memory. When you get to the magic watering can, stop and find a legal counterfeiter. Cross to the counterfeiter and pass it. Continue on until you find a place for old timey crafts, produce, and canned goods like Grandma used to put up each summer. You will know you are in the right spot when you see the hip level silent seamstress. While standing by this quiet lass, do you see a tiny building to the south. Follow the zebra to it. Then follow the zebra that leads up hill.

Up you go! You may pass a few blue lights on the way up the hill, but don't worry if they aren't there. The "pandas" are just out doing their job. On the right you will find the steps to justice, follow these along a path decorated with odes to the securers of Ameircan liberty, then to the ringed golden apple. Cross to begin again at square one.

Next take the closest zebra going east. Eventually it will lead you to a nesting place. You will know you are on the right track if you pass a peaceful, welcoming sign. Once you've reached the bird sanctuary, cross the eastern zebra, and then the northern zebra. Congratulations! Look right above you. Now you are in 1st place!

Head north crossing just one more zebra. When you see the 3 keys that are nearest the sidewalk, stop and look about for the faraway sign of "the real thing," Atlanta's favorite bubbly. Head that way, then stop under the up beat sign. Standing under this sign you will find where the leprechauns meet. Pass the wee folks' watering hole. Now, if you're keeping your eyes upward and eastward, you will soon see a rainbow colored mountain scene. This dazzling work tells you that you are all right so far! And pretty close to your prize!

Continue on in the same direction until you meet the waltzing ursa. A timely landmark tells you that you are just seconds away from this playful fellow's spot. Once you have located this bundle of fun, you will see that thing our English friends call a folly, but we think it a rather good idea for open air music and Santa's visits. Climb 4 steps, then 1 to the top of this lookout post. Stand against the streetward side. Do you spy the place for treasures? Sorry, your treasure isn't diamonds or gold. Instead find the stripped awning and make a beeline to it. The wicker ladies invite you inside. Once inside, head towards the back until you see the groovy bamboo groove. A very chic little miss in pink and black guards your treasure's rhinestone studded bag.

Please take outside to one of the benches to stamp in

We hope you enjoyed this trip through our downtown, and, hopefully, made some new friends along the way.