View Of Great Seal  LbNA # 23859

Placed DateJul 8 2006
LocationChillicothe, OH
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Apr 15 2012
Hike Distance?

The View of Great Seal Letterbox is located in the middle of Great Seal State Park, which is in Ross County. The park is south of Circleville and north of Chillicothe, approximately 3 miles east of Rte 23.

Look up the PDF map of the park here.

We are avid hikers but realize that not everyone enjoys hiking as we do. This letterbox can be reached by hiking the long, hilly, blue-blazed Shawnee Ridge trail, or by parking on the roadside where this trail intersects Rocky Road. The box is located on the Sand Hill section that is an easy flat hike when parking at the road intersection. If parking at the roadside, this will be approximately a short 10 minute flat hike.

From Rte 23, follow the signs to the park by turning east on Delano Road. You will encounter a stop sign and cross a railroad track; continue on Delano Road. At Marietta Road, turn south and at .6 miles you will arrive at the main park entrance.

(Park here if you plan to hike the main hiking trail, and follow the blue blazes for the Shawnee Trail to the ridge top of Sand Hill. The letterbox is located shortly after this crest, but for the sake of clarity we suggest that you hike on to where the trail intersects with Rocky Road, and then backtrack to the letterbox.)

If you plan to drive to the Rocky Road pullover, continue driving on Marietta Road past the main park entrance through the small town of Metzger. You will encounter an intersection where Marietta Road turns east and Hopewell Road continues straight. Follow Marietta Road eastward until the next intersection with Rocky Road. Marietta Road continues south--do not follow this. Continue east for approximately 1.3 miles on Rocky Road and ascend into the Great Seal State Park.

The Rocky Road trail intersection is located at the top of the hill; there is no sign but if you start to descend down the hill, you have gone too far. This trail intersection has a small pullover that can accommodate a couple of cars and is situated at the crest of the hill. While there is little traffic, be careful of other cars ascending from the opposing upgrade.

From the intersection of the road with the trail, take the blue blazed trail in a northerly direction (40 degrees) moving slightly uphill. It soon levels out. You will see two blue blazes with a trail descending downhill--don’t take the downhill trail but instead continue straight on the level trail. After a few minutes the trail starts moving uphill to a rocky area; you will start to see rock outcroppings. You will come to a “Y” in the trail with the rock boulders straight ahead. Follow the left fork and stop at the second blue blazed tree. Go 26 steps to a pile of rock boulders and look inside the broken tree stump.