Punderson Park  LbNA # 2387 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 16 2002
LocationNewbury, OH
Found By fairydust09
Last Found Jul 31 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (½ hour hike one way)

Punderson State Park is located on Route 87, east of Cleveland, between Auburn Road and Route 44, on the south side of Route 87. Take I-480 East to Route 422 East. Approx. 15 miles down 422 is Route 44. Head north on 44 about 6 miles to Route 87. 1-2 miles west on 87 is the entrance to Punderson State Park.

Follow the main Park Road to the Manor House. Park in the western parking lot, close to the basketball hoop. Follow the Mohawk Trail which starts just beyond the basketball hoop. Follow the trail over a bridge and take the steep trail at the "Y". The trail splits again, but stay off the trail with the bench. Continue on the main path over a culvert pipe and up a gentle hill. After reaching a road, cross over it to the maple tree directly in front of you. Walk due north (0º, 360º) to the edge of the clearing and pick up the path again.

Stay on the main path, otherwise you'll end up at the dreaded 8th water hole of the golf course. Further down the path, turn left onto the Cayuga Trail.

Follow the Cayuga trail down a hill, across a creek bed (which may or may not be dry) and up the steep hill. Before the crest of the steep hill, stop at the huge tree on the left. Standing at the base of the tree, face 350° and walk 18 paces (5' pace) to the base of another large tree overlooking the creek bed. Stand on the north side of the tree. Looking north, walk 5 paces to the shag bark hickory tree. Continue north to the hollow half tree on the side of the creek bed. In the base of the hollow half tree, creek side, you will find the Punderson Park Letterbox!

Caution: Trail is slippery and muddy after rain!
Pace: Every time either the left or right foot hits the ground (2 steps).
-Libby and Dan