Puff The Magic Dragon Series  LbNA # 23871

Placed DateJul 19 2006
LocationSolon, ME
Found By Foss4
Last Found Mar 19 2012
Hike Distance?

This series is located on the Bingham-Solon-Embden Rail Trail in Solon.

Directions: Take Route 201 North through the town of Solon. Pass a cemetery and the Appletree Bakery on your left. Soon you will see a street sign (it is turned the wrong way at the moment) that says Lake Rd. This is the road you turn left on. You should also watch for signs for Williams Boat Landing. Lake Road starts out paved but soon becomes a dirt road. Follow the dirt road down and around the curve to the right. There is a large clearing to park in.

This trail is used during all seasons. Be watchful of ATV’s and snowmobiles. We didn’t see too many and they were careful of us as hikers. The trail is packed sand and good for hiking, biking, and some strollers (although it might be difficult to push through with some strollers). Dogs are allowed. It is a peaceful walk along the river and there are plenty of opportunities to dip your feet. This is a long hike so I suggest bringing water with you. It will take about 1 1/2 hours.


Begin your journey at the large white sign describing the trail you are about to take. With the sign on your left follow the wide trail, through a stand of birches, with the river on your left through the trees. Pass a little “turn-around” on your right. From the exit of this turn-around take 52 paces. Turn to your right and look for a large oak tree with an old stump connected to the trunk. Between the stump and the trunk, covered with rocks, you will find little Jackie Paper. (To make sure you have the right tree there should be a survey pole behind the tree a few feet)

Continue down the path passed the boat launch. You will pass a house on your right, then an ATV trail. Keep going. Pass through the concrete barriers. Now the ground starts to rise on both sides of you. Half way down on your left at the top of the rise is a 5-trunked oak tree. In the cradle of these 5 trunks you will be transported to Cherry Lane (which is covered again with rocks).

Continue on. The ridge on your left disappears again and you can clearly hear 201 above. If you watch the water carefully you will see it going both directions. Pretty neat! Keep going. You will see water on your right now. It will disappear eventually. Pass a red sign that asks for respect. Land starts to rise higher on your right. Pass 2 orange “Posted” signs close together on an old gate on your right. When you see an upside down sign for ITS 87, stop. From this ITS sign take 70 paces to a lone pine on your right. Behind this pine, and up the hill, is a 3-trunked birch tree. Nestled behind, taking a nap is Puff.

After you have said hello to Puff, you just turn around and head back the way you came. Enjoy the water and the wildlife and remember the easy days of childhood.