Burton's Log Cabin  LbNA # 2388

Placed DateJun 27 2002
LocationBurton, OH
Found By Daniel
Last Found Nov 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (½ hour hike one way)

Burton Square is located east of Cleveland on Route 87 between the towns of Middlefield and Newbury. Park on the east side of the square near the Log Cabin.

When facing the front of the Log Cabin, take the sidewalk south past the first crosswalk and continue on to the crosswalk at the southernmost edge of the Square. Cross over to the ice cream shop side of the street. You will pass the Red Maple Inn on the opposite side of the street. Continue south on the sidewalk, crossing over Carlton Street. Pass by a black arrow pointing to the left. Where the sidewalk ends, veer off to the right, crossing over part of a driveway and head down the path. Pass by a red barn on the left and a dead tree trunk in the shape of a "Y". Further down the path, you will see a yellow tank next to a fire hydrant. Take the road behind the tank into the woods.

In the woods, pass by a stand of large black walnut trees, and a path on the right. Walk on to the graveyard. Look for the gravestone that looks like a lighthouse with the words "Mother" and "Baker" on it. Walk at 330 - 335 degrees to another path. Take the path to a clearing, then take the path at 11:00. Continue on that path to another clearing. Take approximately 18 paces and turn left onto a trail. You will pass over a small creek and past an uprooted tree on the left. Go under a fallen tree and over a culvert pipe. Find a sewer drainage cover on the left. Take approximately 8 paces and turn right onto a path. Go through a dip in the path (which may or may not have water running through it) and on to the first fallen tree over the path. Step over the tree, face 250 degrees and take approximately 9 paces to a very tall tree. Face directly south and take 5 paces to an uprooted tree. Look inside the base of the tree for the letterbox!

Caution: Trail is slippery and muddy after rain!
Pace: Every time either the left or right foot hits the ground (2 steps).
GOOD LUCK! -Lon and Leah