The Hollow Inn  LbNA # 23954 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 22 2006
LocationAshland, OH
Found By LandDesign
Last Found Dec 16 2008
Hike Distance?

Rating: 1 for Difficulty
3 for Terrain

Brookside Park in Ashland, Ohio (

Enter Brookside Park off West Main Street, on Parkside Drive. Look for the small brown park sign on the northeast corner of West Main and Parkside Drive. This is a clean family friendly park where you could have an entire day of fun.
Pass the Memorial Band Shelter on the right (During the summer there are a variety of concerts at 8:00 PM each Sunday evening.).
On the right, pass the 6-hoop basketball court.
Note the unusual lawn ornaments in the front yard of house number 320.
On the right, pass the shuffleboard court.
On the left is the Merry-Go-Round ice cream stand.
Parkside Drive dead ends on a street that is called Valley Drive to the left and Brookside Drive to the right.
Straight ahead, you can see tennis courts and to the left off Valley Drive is a putt putt golf course. The entrance to the 18-hole Brookside golf course is off Sandusky Street, north of the park.
Turn right on Brookside Drive.
Pass the women’s and men’s facilities on the left.
Pass the baseball field on the right. (The annual State of Ohio girl’s softball tournament is held on this field).
Drive over one speed bump.
To the left is a footbridge.
Walk across this bridge.
From the far end of the bridge, take 13 steps at 93 degrees, along the tree line to the right.
Locate the dirt path with one tree on each side of the entrance, each with split trunks. Look in the split trunk to the right and you will see a forgotten Easter treasure. Someone’s count was short at the end of the hunt.
Between these two split trunk trees; there is a raised tree root that looks like a step. From this root, take 30 short steps, not wide strides.
To the left at 55 degrees and 6 steps is a hollow tree with an inn for your hitchhiker.
Please leave at least one (or more) hitchhiker(s) and take no more than one hitchhiker.
If you like, you may also leave a small non-perishable gift(s) for your fellow hunters.
Continue to follow Brookside Drive to locate the pool. When in season, the pool is open 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM Monday thru Saturday and 1:00 – 7:00PM on Sundays and holidays.