A Few Old Soreheads  LbNA # 23959

OwnerEl Lobo    
Placed DateJul 22 2006
LocationStanton, TX
Found By Melissa harrell
Last Found Jul 23 2016
Hike Distance?

Approaching Stanton, Texas from the west one notices a large billboard that proclaims: “Welcome to Stanton! Home of 3000 friendly folks and a few old soreheads.” That has been the slogan for Stanton for as long as I can remember, and I’m so old I can’t remember how long that has been. The slogan has worked well for this small community. They even have a quarterly “Old Sorehead Trade Days” and no one from this area has to ask where that event is held. Thank goodness for the few old soreheads. What a dull world this would be if we where all in agreement about everything and we never had anybody that got their feathers ruffled to stir things up a bit. But I must say, they keep the soreheads in Stanton in check because I have yet to meet one.

Directions: This letterbox is an easy drive-by located in the St Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Stanton, Texas. The cemetery is at the east end of 2nd Street in northeast Stanton. From Business I-20 (Old Hwy 80) in downtown Stanton, turn north on Saint Peter Street and travel 7 blocks to 2nd Street. Turn right or east on 2nd Street and follow it to the entrance of the cemetery. As you enter the cemetery traveling east on 2nd Street you will want to continue on the only road all the way to the back of the cemetery (it becomes a caliche road and bends to the left or north). At the far end of the road is a turnaround just before you get to the north fence. Stop at this turnaround and approach the fence (it is a solid fence made of sheet metal to keep the blowing sand at bay). On the OUTSIDE of the fence just UNDERNEATH the top rail and at the first “step-up” (place where the fence height becomes greater due to uneven ground) from the west is a camo box held in place by magnets. Please be sure that the contents are repacked correctly and that the box is latched securely before replacing. Try to replace as close to the top rail as possible to afford protection from wind and rain.