Columbia of the Pineywoods  LbNA # 23960 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 22 2006
LocationPalestine, TX
Found By Catgirl
Last Found Sep 30 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is planted in remembrance of the Shuttle Columbia and in honor of the recent shuttle mission which has safely returned to earth - only the second mission flown since the Columbia disaster nearly three and a half years ago.

Although debris was scattered in a wide swath across East Texas and even beyond, Palestine was more or less the northward point of concentrated debris.

East Texas has settled back into quiet life, but Columbia has made her indelible mark on our communities, and will always rest among us.

For another box in my space shuttle "series" - look for Flying Again in Jacksonville.


To find the box:

Find your way to the Ranch House Restaurant (which recently burned is presumably closed for good) at 305 East Crawford Street and park in their overflow parking across the street that runs beside the restaurant. If you park close to the fence, you will notice a small park area on the other side of the fence. That is where you will be going. You will also notice that you are in a festive little part of Palestine - Old Town Palestine - with a restaurant or two, a coffee house, a bar, and shopping.

Facing the restaurant without crossing the street, go right and walk along the street to the corner, then turn right at the corner and follow the fence until you find an entrance. While it seems this park is always available (until at least 9 p.m.), it seems the entrance to the park always shifts a bit - sometimes the main gate is accessible, sometimes a side gate is. Be persistent.

Walk along the path with the creek to your right, and continue until you cross the wooden bridge. Stop after you are across the bridge and casually turn to your left and double back beside the bridge. Reach behind the middle step to a concrete shelf where you will find the box.

The trick here is that the area is sometimes high traffic and you are visible from the restaurant parking lot as well. Think up a story and be casual. Lots of place to sit and stamp in.

This may be a bit of a high risk box, so please be careful in returning it to its spot. And always remember, don't ever forget, REHIDE WELL.


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