Colonial Park - For the Birds, For the Birds  LbNA # 23983

Placed DateJul 23 2006
LocationFranklin Township, NJ
Found By Phoenix Rizing
Last Found Dec 19 2010
Hike Distance?

This LETTERBOX was re-placed to an adjacent location on 7/19/07 (while planting a few others!). The clues were modified on 7/21/07. Please let me know of it's condition and existence should you find it! Thanks! :-)

COLONIAL PARK is a large, beautiful park located in Somerset County with several entrances and parking lots, and a perfect place to plant a letterbox! There’s the canal, a nearby golf course, a huge leash-free dog area, playgrounds, and beautiful gardens. Take your time and enjoy this park!

This letterbox was originally planted for the Girl Scouts of Delaware Raritan Day Camp program, as part of the “High-tech Hide-and-Seek” Interest Project Patch, but can be accessed by anyone. It was also our family’s first letterbox planting, so we tried to get our feet wet, and at the same time, make the clues fun, yet relatively easy for the girls to follow. We hope your enjoy your hunt!

Begin your search at the parking lot for the ROSE GARDEN.
Before entering the garden, head off on the slate path to the right.
Take the gravel path on the left.
In a few steps, you will come to three choices.
Choose the center path (to the left is actually a small parking lot, rather than a path), and continue around past the stone cottage.

When you see the “canary cane”, you will know you are on the right path.
Continue on the path, past the “pig pen” on your right, and circle around “156” to the back.

At the thick, white line, head for the path at 310 degrees, where your car cannot go.
At 25 paces, locate the twin trees at 350 degrees.
Walk between the trees, and make a two wishes (yup, twin trees get you TWO wishes)!
(This won’t help you find the letterbox, but HEY! Everyone can use a few extra wishes!)

After making your wishes, standing between the two trees, look to your left to spot a lone tree.
If you can say the name of that tree 3 times fast, you are wasting your time letterboxing!

The LETTERBOX was REPLACED on 7/19/07 to its current location – it seems there are LOTS of gopher holes in the area, and one may have swallowed up the old box. Once the seasons change & the landscape does as well, this box may have to be re-planted again, but for now, here it sits:

From here, take 2 steps sideways to your left.
Walk into the woods 4 ½ paces (4 full double-footfall paces plus one more footfall) @ 280 degrees.
Turn to 20 degrees. At 1-2 paces (just look in that directioni basically!), you should spot an out-of-place log atop the tall grasses/bracken..
Beneath the log & brush it covers is the treasure you seek.

Remember to hide the box better than how it was found.

On the way back out, if you take the gravel path to the left of the “pig pen”, you will cut your walk back to the car in half.

If you have a few minutes, take time to stop and smell the roses and walk among the beautiful rose garden – it’s breathtaking!

Happy Letterboxing! :-)