The Sea Ranch  LbNA # 24006 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2006
LocationThe Sea Ranch, CA
Found By winged gypsy
Last Found Jul 24 2008
Hike Distance?

The Sea Ranch

"Inspired by drawings of winged forms, the Sea Ranch Chapel resembles a fluttering object that has alighted in the meadowland between the ocean and the coastal mountains, a UFO that was summoned here and may one day take off again. For now, it is cradled in a stonework base; a stone path surrounds it and merges with other stone formations that trail off into the earth."
Progressive Architecture Magazine

Find this strange and amazing chapel along Highway 1 (at Sonoma County mile 55.5) in The Sea Ranch, just south of the town of Gualala.

From the parking lot, walk toward the chapel and stop at the winged fountain. This letterbox is hidden in the tree just east of the fountain (the center of three trees). Use the stone steps to walk up to the grass area and make your way behind the tree. The box is under a thick covering of pine needles in the part of the tree where the trunk divides into multiple smaller trunks.

Of course, please be discreet and rehide carefully.

This "Sea Ranch" stamp is inspired by lisascenic's Fish Ranch concept.