Cloying 'lil Stamplet  LbNA # 24018 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2006
LocationLouisville, KY
Found By TP
Last Found Aug 1 2006
Hike Distance?

Start round 'bout KY's own DB,
The Flint, the lock, the stock, ici,
Start here, but go Leatherbottom side
Towards "Enid," passing wide
The dedicated rock, the stand of trees,
The lawn, the yield sign, the squeeze,
Crossing road, thru the stone stile,
Ped path, and a fountain. Pause while
"Loving memory," bubbler, ABB,
Take a drink for her & TBB,
Then follow the gravel
& Down past glenview garden club rock travel
Along the creek stone bed
B------R SPRING, upside down, read
From the "T" (turn right at the letter)
To the bench pavillion to see better
"Mary Eileen"; now 72 paces from her name
to the bridge, that's left & ends the game:
Trolling Tressel Get,
Cloying 'lil Stamplet!