The Wild Rhododendron  LbNA # 24021

Placed DateJul 23 2006
LocationZigzag, OR
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Jun 4 2011
Hike Distance?

Hitchhiker friendly? Yes
Walking distance: Less than a mile but uphill.
Fees: None

NOTE: 9-22-2012, major construction going on, rhododendrons are being removed and will apparently be brought back in for the new landscaping, but it's doubtful they will ever fit the clues, so I deleted the references to the rhododendrons. Just make your way to the back of the large parking area to the trailhead and go from there (see edited clues).

DIRECTIONS: Start by parking at the Zigzag Ranger Station on Highway 26 past the Brightwood Exit, Wildwood Recreation Center, and Wemme if you are heading east towards Mt. Hood. If you need a forest pass for your travels today and the ranger station is closed, you can get one at the Thriftway in Welches. You don't need one to park here at the station.

CLUES: I am very fond of the rhododendrons we find growing wild on the slopes of Mt. Hood and left this carving of one on a trail near Zigzag Ranger Station. **portions of clue deleted** go to the back of the lot and look for the trail between signs. Is anyone in your party from Notre Dame? Pass by 1628 and head on up the hill. You and your friend can rest on the two stone stools, maybe you’ll want to cool off a bit in the water. I wouldn’t drink or put very many of my body parts in water that color, but my dog was certainly happy to have it. After resting continue on up the trail. Maybe you are nodding your head at this point in understanding of why the peak you are headed for is called what it is. Go round the bends of the next two switchbacks. Up the trail about 30 steps past that second switchback you will see on your left a very large long log with an elbow bend in it lying on the hillside. Just across the trail from the down-hill end of that log lies the box.

People younger and/or in better shape than I might enjoy the hike on up to Devil’s Peak, but I'm going back to the car on this 100° day and get something cold out of my cooler.