Hm-hm Lake Letterbox  LbNA # 24022

Placed DateJul 23 2006
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Found By MusicMakers
Last Found Jun 25 2008
Hike Distance?

Hitchhiker friendly? Yes
Walking distance: Approximately a mile (or more) but uphill most of the way; about two miles round trip.
Difficulty rating: Rated fairly easy by Logos and her 4-year-old son Tractor Boy, but personally I would call it moderate – at least it was today in the extreme heat. Coming down was a piece of cake, naturally.
Things to bring: Gloves, swimsuit, towel, inflatable floating devices, sturdy hiking shoes, bug repellant if you don’t like getting bitten by flies and/or mosquitoes. No mosquitoes when I placed the box but lots of small aggressive biting flies.
Fees: Forest Pass required – you can get one at Zigzag Ranger Station or the Thriftway in Welches on your way up if you are coming east from Portland. I did not see them available at the trailhead itself.

DIRECTIONS: Heading east from Portland you will find the trailhead to Hm-hm Lake on the south side of Highway 26 between markers 51 and 52. At the time of this posting Logos had a letterbox up there, so don’t forget the clues to that.

NOTES: I've had several of my boxes go missing recently, boxes that I thought were hidden very well. In an effort to keep anyone from googling this clue as they research the lake, I'm omitting the name of the lake from the clues. Hm-hm hm-hm on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

CLUES: Cross the little bridge at the parking area and head up the trail about a mile until you reach a junction with a sign – don’t take the Hm-hm Lake loop, go the other way – you will still get to the lake. There will be several sets of stairs leading up the hill from the trail and down to the lake. Continue on counterclockwise around the lake and enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Hood across the lake. Pass by two boulders right in the trail followed shortly by two tall firs on the left. Spot the stump of a tree on the left that used to lean towards the lake in its bigger and better days. You will find a shady grove-type area where you should be able to spot two big stumps side by side off to the left a ways. Next spot the twins that split the trail you are on. Stop 51 steps later at a huge boulder wedged into the right-hand side of the trail; you and your friend could sit on it or climb up and over it. My dog enjoyed sitting up on top of it resting while I placed the box. Find the cedar at about seven steps bearing 20 degrees; it only grew about two feet before it got weighted down by snow and almost broke off one winter; it didn’t break but just bent WAY over and began to grow horizontally; then somebody cut it off and there it sits looking funny, like some kind of spring-chair for gnomes. From there find the big log at 280 degrees lying with a sort of hump in the middle as if it broke over something when it landed. You can’t see Mt. Hood from where you are standing, but if you look behind the rock and some debris under the hump in that log, you’ll find a smaller version. There is a REALLY nice place to sit and log in a short distance further up the trail. Enjoy!