thanks a latte  LbNA # 24042

Placed DateJul 15 2006
LocationBoalsburg, PA
Found By Tribute to Pickles
Last Found Apr 27 2013
Hike Distance?

Business Rt. 322 to Boalsburg and the light,
depends on the direction you came as to whether you turn right.
Go to the place where you would get a fill up
but not with gasoline but with caffeine from a cup.
Enter the business and look to your right
the red tool box is out in plain sight.
And right there in the bottom drawer you will find
the stamp with the journal that needs to be signed.
There is a small trick to open the drawer real far
like the hidden latch to open up the hood of your car.
While pulling open your hand needs to be clever
And up in the right hand corner pulling the hidden lever.
The staff are friendly and know of the game
you may even want to share from where you came.
The coffee is good and the food is a delight
So a break is great to take if your time isn't tight.

(No ink included)

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