Tucker-ed Out  LbNA # 24061

Placed DateJul 25 2006
LocationSnohomish, WA
Planted BySnoho Panther    
Found By Firedancer
Last Found Feb 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Tucker-ed Out

Boxes removed 5/24/08. Books were full. Will try to replace soon. Check back!

These two boxes are located at Willis Tucker Community Park at 6705 Puget Park Drive in the Totem Falls/Gold Creek neighborhood of south Snohomish. To get to the park: From Cathcart Way go north on Snohomish-Cascade Drive. Turn left on Puget Park Drive. The park entrance will be on your left.

Trails are good for hiking or biking.

Happy Hiker Box: From the northeast corner of the main parking lot take the paved trail past the playground. The trail turns into gravel. Bear left and continue around the north side of the amphitheater. 28 paces past the first tree on the left you will find a dirt trail entering the forest. Take this trail. At the first two intersections, bear right and continue on. At the 3rd intersection, again bear right and you will enter a grove of vine maples forming a shady canopy over the trail. If biking, it’s time to dismount and search for the box. In the middle of the canopy are 2 vine maples curving skyward. Turn to the south and go 7 paces ahead. As you duck under the vine maples look to your right. Follow the vine maples to where they merge under the parallel fallen trees. The Happy Hiker is hidden under the converging trees.

Trail Rider Box: Go back to the vine maple canopy and continue on the trail to your left. Bear right at the next intersection and continue until the trail reaches a gravel path. (There is now a plowed area right through the woods. When you reach this, veer slightly to the left and continue on the trail ahead to find the gravel path.) If you are biking and have reached this point without any unintentional off-trail exploration, collisions with your companions or scratches on arms, face or legs, Congratulations! This amateur biker considers you jersey-worthy. Reward yourself with the Trail Rider stamp. Cross the gravel path and go 9 paces. Behind a 5 ft tall stump on your right, hopefully hidden under some leaves and sticks, is the Trail Rider box. Hikers, you are well deserving also!

You may now continue on the trail to who knows where or do like I did. Return to the path, hop on your bike, and pedal all the way home!

Please remember to replace boxes well hidden from view. I’d love to hear how you liked the boxes and the park. regmar21@verizon.net