Ravenswood  LbNA # 24072

Placed DateJul 25 2006
LocationBunceton, MO
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Found By The Irish Express
Last Found Oct 30 2010
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Welcome to the Ravenswood Letterbox. I grew up in an old house in Cooper County and have forever since that time been in love with old houses, and cemeteries. As a little girl my parents took me to this house and I recently had the pleasure of re-visiting it and it inspired me to do a letterbox dedicated to it and a little history of the area where I grew up. Ravenswood is an antebellum, Italinate mansion near Boonville and Bunceton Missouri. It was built and currently still owned by the Leonard Family. Ravenswood farm is known for the shorthorn cattle. The cattle on this farm were the first pure breed shorthorn cattle west of the Mississippi, and known as one of the notable stock farms and also the oldest stock farm in the world devoted to breeding shorthorn cattle. The house was completed in 1880 and still has its orginal furnishings including several George Caleb Bingham portraits. Tours are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10-4, you can also call ahead to verify that they will be open 660-882-7143. I would recommend making a day of this and pack a picnic lunch- make sure take a bottle of Ravenswood Wine (from California) with you for the fun of it.

Clues: This is the route I recommend taking to enjoy the history of this area; take I-70 to HWY 40 at the Midway exit. Take this all the way into Boonville, notice the Riverscene BB before you cross the bridge going into town- it is amazing. Once you cross the bridge and enter town you may want to stop at the Boonslick Outdoor Park at Morgan street and read about Boonville's history, notably the founder Hannah Cole. Go back out to Main Street and continue through downtown until you come to the turnoff for HWY 5, you will be going by the A&W (good rootbeer- lnd-crzr!) Continue on HWY 5 out of Boonville, you will cross over I-70 about 10 miles. You will know Ravenswood when you see it, watch for the sign and tour parking. Take the tour (does cost $5)- it is really amazing to see- they will even let you go up in the attic and I went up on top of the house on the widows walk- V-e-r-t-i-g-o!! Pay special attention to the story Jamey(6th Generation Leonard)will tell you in Nadine's room, it is very ghostly- you will need a piece of the story to find the box. He will tell a story about when Nadine died after the funeral the door to her room locked from the inside that no one could open and after a certain number of days the door opened- do you have chills yet?? Enjoy the rest of the tour and this amazing house.

Once you are done with your tour go further down the road south a mile and half to the Hannah Cole Roadside park- here is a great spot for your picnic- remember that wine- mmm- but not too much you still need to find the box(es). Find Hannah in the cemetery, face the direction of the Ravenswood house (north) and at approximately 11:00 you will find a small to medium size elm tree in the fence line of the cemetery- go to this tree, now remember that number from Nadine's story, count over this number to the holder of Ravens"wood"- the clues to the bonus box are inside- feel free to take a copy with you, but please e-mail when the stock gets low. Both boxes are small, and camo taped- please use care in replacing and reassembling the boxes- I hope you enjoy and e-mail me to let me know if you enjoyed this adventure- special thanks to Surly Mama for making multiple trips with me in creating this box!