Standing Rock aka Sadness Rock  LbNA # 24075

Placed DateJul 26 2006
LocationWeston, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found May 8 2010
Hike Distance?

You can get to this box heading east or west on highway 36.

From I 15 take exit 17 Weston Canyon. Enjoy the beautiful drive through the canyon. Look for bald eagles as you pass Deep Creek. Keep driving on up the canyon as you near the summit slow down and look around. You might see a herd of deer or elk and if you are really lucky maybe a wolf. Just don't tell anyone if you see the wolf though or it will end up being shot. It is absolutely beautiful there. Drive past Weston Reservoir. Stop and check it out and maybe you will see some huge beaver swimming around and if you have a fishing license take some time to fish.

Ok get back on the road heading east and go just under 2 miles.

Now coming from the east side of Weston Canyon going west drive up HWY 36. Stop and check out the old Indian cave just as you go up the canyon. Afterwards get back in your car and continue to drive west. Just past mile marker 114.

NOW from either direction look for the huge rock on the left side if heading west and right side if heading east. This is Standing Rock. Park in the area in front of the rock. Step out stretch you legs and look around. It is so beautiful and serene.

I call this rock aka Sadness Rock because many years ago a woman's body was found there and she was never identified and I don't believe her murder was ever solved. Now every time I drive past this spot I feel a twinge of sadness in my heart for her and her family.

Now look once again at the huge rock. Feel Gods presence. Know that God made that rock and HE is an awesome and mighty God.

Hike up the trail if you'd like to read the plaque. Look around. Walk up behind the rock. Maybe a deer will be on the hillside.

Ok now go back down the path.

Turn once again and face the rock. Notice the smaller but still big rock to the left of the trail.

There is a metal fence post with a wire fence attached just to the left of this smaller big rock. Slide through between the fence post and rock.

Looking towards the left as you pass through the little opening you will see some brush and trees. In between all the branches are two old wooden fence posts.

Look closely under the fence posts and you will see a pile of rocks. Underneathe the rocks you will find the treasure.

Please rehind it well.

October 16, 2010 update. I went by and checked in on my letterbox. It is still there and in good shape. Next time I head that way I will bring a new stamp. Visiting this box resparked my interest in putting together more boxes and placing in other places I visit. God bless.

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