Cherry Lawn Challenge  LbNA # 24077 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 26 2006
LocationDarien, CT
Planted Byfunthought    
Found By 2mnyshuz
Last Found Aug 16 2006
Hike Distance?

THIS BOX IS MISSING as of Oct. 2006. I hope to re-carve a new stamp and hide it in a safer place soon. Funthought

***This is a hand-carved stamp. Note to letterboxer: best to wear sneakers or boots as the trail can get muddy and have seasonal prickers/poison ivy. This box should take @ 15 minutes to find.

Directions to Cherry Lawn Park/ Darien Nature Center: The Darien Nature Center is located in Cherry Lawn Park at 120 Brookside Road in Darien. From the center of Darien (exit 11 off I95) go east (towards Norwalk) on the Boston Post Rd. about one mile. Go left onto Brookside Road. Head out Brookside Road. You will see the entrance to Cherry Lawn Park on your right. Map:

Enter Cherry Lawn and pass the Nature Center Building on your right (the placer, Funthought, was once the poster-child for the Nature Center in the early 80s!). Check it out if you have extra time!

Park in the lot near the playgrounds (VERY fun for kids and grown-ups, too!) in front of the tennis courts. Walk to the entrance of the nearest playground and stand on THE RUGGED BEAR. Turn around to face the field and take 84 paces forward to the Darien 1949 on the ground. Follow the stone path to the left down towards the gazebo (romantic!). Continue to the dock (see the fish?). While on the dock, turn back to face the gazebo again and walk to your right along the pond's edge. Pass 2 benches. Follow the stump trail (watch for wildlife!) to the stone bridge on your right. Go over the bridge (be aware of ducklings/nests on the island in the spring!) and stop between the 2 stone turrets on the island-side. What you seek is around the pond-side of the LEFT turret, under some stones. Step on any prickers on your way around. *** PLEASE don't let anyone see you stamp in and REHIDE WELL so no plastic is visible! This is a very popular little spot.

Report your findings on and Please email me to let me know the status of the box. Enjoy the rest of the park. Here's the Nature Center's website: YOU ARE NEAR ANOTHER LETTERBOX, called Flustered Chicken. Head back to Rt. 1, turn left onto Rt. 1 and then make a right onto Old Kings Hwy. N. See J.Peter's clue.