Homestake  LbNA # 24121

Placed DateJul 27 2006
LocationButte, MT
Found By WildKratts
Last Found Aug 30 2015
Hike Distance?

Another one of my Montana symbol interstate boxes. Though not an "official" symbol you'll find this on everything from license plates to National Guard insignia.

Take a break from the interstate at this pleasant little lake and picnic area on the top of the continental divide at Homestake Pass.

Take exit #233 (Homestake) off I-90 go north 1/4 mile to Homestake Lake picnic area. Park in the furthest south parking area (end of the road.) Start at the sign "Area Restrictions Unauthorized Trail ...." Well the sign seems to have disappeared but if you look in the SW corner of the parking lot you can still find the grey metal post. Also a lot of clearing has been done so the tree in the rock is clearly visible. From the sign take 53 steps at 240 degrees which should bring you to a small tree growing out of rock. Then take 40 steps at 320 degrees past a very large boulder (this large boulder is also still there) but you'll have to step over an uprooted down tree to get to a rock pile between two trees at the bottom of a hill.

Please seal carefully & rehide well.

Now go enjoy a picnic by the lake!