12th Anniversary  LbNA # 24138 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2006
LocationCarmel, IN
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Sep 3 2006
Hike Distance?

This box has been placed as part of the celebration of our 12-year wedding anniversary.

You must find the 3 "castles" of Lawrence Inlow. You might have to travel the dell to get there. Look beyond the flowing waters.

Go to where the hard walk ends and 18 blocks will begin your path.

Twenty-two steps will lead you through the "gate" of the first castle with its red roof.

30 degrees will send you off on the correct path. Through the forest it will lead you right.

Soon you will find that you must take CENTER stage. Add a zero to the celebrated number, and this is the degree to which you must bend to find the treasure. Off the edge, and under.

Enjoy the walk!